Club Membership


Membership is open to anyone interested in gems, minerals, fossils, rocks or any aspect of earth sciences or lapidary arts.

Current annual dues are:

$25 for individuals (anyone 17 or older)

$40 for families (two parents and children 8 to 16)

$35 for a single parent membership (one parent and childern 8 to 16)


Membership has its privileges!


Included in your membership is our monthly newsletter, which features all the latest club activities and class scheduales. Club members have an option to attend our field trips, take classes and work in our lapidary wotkshop.


I you would like you join out club please download the application and mail it to

Palomar Gen & Mineral Club

P.O. Box 1583

Escondido, CA 92033


PGMC Application_2016