Lapidary & Silversmith Workshop

2120 W. Mission, Suite 260, Escondido



Cabochon/Lapidary Class & Open Workshops


Tuesday 6:30 pm – 9:30 pm

Wednesday 11:00 am – 2:00 pm

Thursday 2:00 pm-5:00 pm


Learn to cut and polish a rock into a beautiful stone suitable for wire wrapping or fabricating in

metal. A fantastic assortment of material is available for purchase on site.

The workshop is also open for general use. No prior registration needed.


Thursday 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm


METAL SMITHING only - open for to those students who have had metal smithing instruction or experience and/or have instructor approval. Those students who have attended an introductory class may continue to work on improving their skills in this weekly workshop. An experienced metalsmith will be available for consultation. NEW – Exception for students who have made arrangements with instructor for Beginning Silversmith lessons. See below for class information and fees.

Cost: A $7 shop fee will be collected for regular workshop. Club membership required.



For more information about classes or to contact the instructor please email me at









Introduction to Faceting

An informative introduction and hands-on experience in the world of gem cutting. Learn how to

create a gem out of a piece of rough, during a weekend class. No machine required. Return

students welcome with or without their own machine. Each class can accommodate 3 new

students without machines and 3 returning students with their own machines.

Instructor: Bob Johnson

Location: Club Shop

Dates & times: Sat. July 15th and Sun. June 16th, 2017 – 9am -5pm

Cost: $80 New. Club membership required. $70 return

Contact Bob Johnson for more info or to register.


Faceting – Continuation Class

This is a class for continuing students who have completed the Introductory Class and is held once per month, from 9 to 5 on the Saturday following the general meeting, (which is always on the third Wed.)

Instructor: Bob Johnson

Location: Club Shop

Cost:  $35.

July workshop – July 22, 2017

Contact Bob Johnson for approval and to reserve a spot.




Precious Metal Clay

Learn the basics of Precious Metal Clay - how to make a mold and using precious metal clay (PMC 3), make a three-dimensional pure silver design from your mold; and to use a hand-held torch to fire the clay. For this class, you will need to bring an object no larger than a silver dollar that you want to make a mold of. I have used the head of a dragon figurine. I also have a few molds that I have made you are welcome to use. This will be 2 half day classes.

Instructor: Annie Heffner

Location: Club Shop

Dates & Times: Saturday & Sunday, July 8 & 9, 2017, 1 – 4 pm

Cost: $30 members, $55 non-members (includes 1 single annual membership). Material costs approximated $70 additional.  A non-refundable deposit of $70 to Annie Heffner required by noon on July 5th so she can order your material. If you want to bring your own PMC3, let Annie know when you call. It must be PMC3 for torch firing. Annie will be available at the meeting on June 21st and you can register and pay the deposit there.


**Contact Annie Heffner for more info or to register.



Beginning Silversmith Class


Ring by Mike Mettelka


This is a 10-hour introductory silversmith class. The students will learn to develop their designs, use a jeweler’s saw to cut out a pattern, solder a bezel to a backing and add a bale, creating a wearable piece of jewelry. Intermediate students can work on a project of their choosing with instructor approval. At the completion of this introduction the student can continue learning in the Thursday night workshop.

Instructors: Diane Hall & Annie Heffner

Dates & times: October 28th and 29th, 2017, 10-4

Cost: $60 for 10 hours of instruction. (club membership required - $25 fee for single membership)

Materials additional - please bring a cabochon to set in silver or let us know if you need one.

**Call Diane Hall for more info or to register. **


textured earrings


Textured Metal Class


Come and join in the fun, exploring how to texture metal and make one-of-kind earrings (3 to 4 pairs) or a bracelet). They are great gifts. You may also learn how to make your own ear wires.

Instructors:  Diane Hall & Annie Heffner 

Location: Club Shop

Dates: 11-19-17

Time: 10am-4pm

Fee: $35 plus supply cost (club membership required - $25 fee for single membership). You will

 need about 1 ounce of silver or copper sheet, which we will purchase for every one who is signed up by November 13th. Sign ups after that will need to provide their own material.

Sign-up: Contact Diane at to register. Class is limited to 6 so sign up early.










 “In-Saign” Chasing & Repoussé Workshop - 2017

What: Chasing & Repoussé Workshop with visiting instructor Saign Charlestein

Where: Palomar Gem & Mineral Club Workshop, Escondido, Ca. Dates: Monday August 14, 2017 - Friday, August 18, 2017

Time: 10:00 am to 6:00 pm (total hours: 35) with 1 hour for lunch each day.
Skill: None, Beginner to Advanced

Fee: $1250.00
A $350 non-refundable deposit is required to book your place.
If you can not attend and we can fill your spot, your deposit will be returned.
The balance ($900) is due on or before June 1, 2017 to allow time for the waiting list to be contacted. NOTE: If you are NOT a member of the club you will be required to join ($25) for insurance purposes.

Workshop Size: 6 people minimum with a maximum of 8. Class size is small to allow each student more attention.

Description: Chasing and repoussé is an ancient technique used to decorate sheet metal with the most lavish and intricate designs. In this 5 day hands on workshop, Saign will teach everything from different methods of transferring images, tool making, and pitch preparation, to proper ergonomics, chasing, repoussé, and creation of relief with only chasing from the front. You will not only go home with one or more completed projects, but also develop and hone the knowledge and skill to create beautiful pieces of art on your own.

The workshop will begin with a skill assessment exercise that everyone will complete. Once Saign can assess your skill level, then he will assign you a project that will focus on what he thinks you benefit from the most. He is also open to guiding you through a design of your choice, as long as it is fitting for the time period and proper advancement of your skills. This is a fairly unique way of teaching, as most workshops have either a set lesson plan, or a very free and more unstructured nature. Saign believes that this approach will be more work for but that everyone will gain more from it, and go home satisfied.

If you would like to bring your own design, please keep in mind that we will be using 8” pitch bowls, and 4.5” copper blanks. So if the design is larger, please bring your own larger pitch container and material to work on.

Instead of just telling students what to use and when, Saign will be challenging each student to understand the fundamentals of moving metal, and why to use specific tools to achieve the desired results. He will focus on proper tool holding, hammering workstation setup, and ergonomics, so that you can enjoy a long prosperous journey with chasing and repoussé while limiting the chance of injury.


 “In-Saign” Chasing & Repoussé Workshop - 2017

We will also be covering pitch preparation, and tool making, so that you will have the basic know how to make that specialized tool you need for that certain job.

Saign teaches the traditional western method of chasing and repoussé, while also having exercises of creating relief while only chasing from the front, never touching the back with a tool. Both techniques are very important to understand, but 80% of your finished product is a result of what happens on the front. So he will be stressing fine tool control, while modeling and planishing.

Saign will be supplying student sets, of his chasing tools that will finish each of the many designs that will be assigned, as well as 3 weights of his forged cross peen chasing hammers for each student to use as 1 hammer size isn’t enough to achieve the best work, and you will learn when to use the different hammers with different tools and in different situations.

If you have your own tools and hammers, please feel free to bring them, but they are not required.





Instructor Biography

Saign Charlestein was born in Tacoma WA. He moved to Los Angeles when he was 7 years old. His mother Wanda Piety is a fine artist on many levels with a passion for painting and garments. His stepfather Dragon Dronet is also an artist on many levels with a passion for sculpting, painting, martial arts, and making armor amongst many others. Both Wanda and Dragon have worked as artisans in the film industry for many years. In 2002 they decided to open Renegade Effects Group, a one stop special effects, prop and costume shop.

When Renegade effects opened Saign Charlestein started at the bottom, cleaning up and being mentored by some of the best artists in different trades. He picked up carpentry skills, machining skills, mold making skills, welding and blacksmithing skills, but the one thing that Saign really fell in love with was making armor and sculpting sheet metal. Saign was shown the basics from Dragon, and in his free time Saign studied silversmithing books, and learned as much as he could on the internet. He soon found chasing and repousse, as well as engraving. Through trial and error, along with many hours of practice Saign had surpassed Dragon, with all the armor and metalsmithing jobs going directly to Saign. The same had happened in most of the other crafts that Saign was learning as well. Saign had become the shop foreman, and was leading crews, or completing the projects on his own.

Saign Charlestein is a true old world craftsman using ancient techniques to create amazing pieces of art with the utmost attention to detail. He is noted as one of the leaders in his field, with a blend of speed and precision that is matched by few. He has completed stunning pieces of art that can be seen in Hollywood blockbusters, television shows, fashion magazines, commercials, video games, as well as homes and businesses.

In 2011 Saign Charlestein moved back to Tacoma WA where he opened SC Studios LLC, and began teaching classes, workshops, continuing his work in the entertainment industry, and focusing on art. SC Studios LLC manufactures the finest quality chasing tools and chaser’s pitch used in the intricate art of chasing and repousse.